Do You Need A Seating Chart at Your Wedding?

Coming up with a seating chart for your reception is not only time-consuming, but it can also be stressful and frustrating as you have to take into account who knows who, who dated who, who doesn’t get along with each other, etc. It can begin to feel like your guests' enjoyment at the reception relies solely on your ...

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Unique Touches to Add to Your Wedding Stationery

Anybody who has spent some time with a planning couple or attended enough weddings will know that a lot of the ‘success’ in the planning process is accomplished in the fine-tuned details. Wedding stationery is one aspect of your wedding that you don’t want to spend too much time on, but you want to look nice and be ...

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Winter Wedding Trends

While summer has long been known as wedding season, winter weddings have so much potential that summer weddings just can’t tap into. With the return of the colder weather, warmer food, darker colors and all around comforting atmosphere, there are so many trends that you can incorporate into your wedding to make it ...

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Why You Need an RSVP Card

With all the things you have to spend money on for your wedding, RSVP cards can get thrown to the backburner if you don’t see the need for them. They are small, tend to remain unfilled and have to be taken back up and counted. However, here are a few reasons not to overlook your RSVPs and why they are important. You ...

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Unique Wedding Venue Ideas

Traditional weddings are amazing, but not for everyone. If you’re looking to take a less traditional route or just want your wedding to stand out, here are a few unique wedding venue ideas that will set your wedding apart. Botanical Garden If you’re wanting to be surrounded by flowers, trees, greenery and ...

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How to Have a Bar Without Breaking the Bank

It’s fun to have drinks at your wedding whether it be champagne toasting or cute cocktails, but it isn’t always the most economical and can really put a dent in your wedding budget. If having alcohol is something that you see as a necessity it’s important to decide what/how much you are going to serving and decide how ...

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