How to Deal with Grief During the Holidays

This year has been rough for a lot of people. While we've all grappled with pandemic fatigue, boredom, stress, and cabin fever, others have also dealt with sickness and loss. Unfortunately, over 300,000 people have lost their lives to the coronavirus. That's such a mind-blowing number that it can be hard to imagine. ...

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How Couples-Only Trips Can Help You Reconnect

With the coronavirus still around, summer has definitely been turned upside down. But I'm still trying to follow the goals i set for myself early this year, and that includes going on an mini-vacay with the hubby. Travel to us is so important and we're finding ways to still get away but staying safe. Having a ...

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How to Talk with Your Partner About Feeling Neglected

There comes a point in a relationship where someone may start feeling neglected. I have yet to meet any couple that says otherwise. My own hubby and I have had points in our relationship where other things have felt more important. Even though it can be hard, it's so so important to talk about those feelings and work ...

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