How To Best Prepare For Vacation

Traveling can be stressful without proper planning! Things can get left behind during the rush to make a flight or hit the road at a certain time. You can forget phone chargers, that extra swimsuit or toiletries! No more are the days of feeling anxious or forgetting a must-pack item. Check out our top tips for how to ...

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25 Days of Christmas Printable

The holiday season is officially upon us which means you're probably knee deep in decorating and gift shopping. If you're a long-time reader, you may know that the holiday season is a little difficult for me and my family. This Christmas Eve will mark six years since my dad passed away. While it makes the season not as ...

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Thanksgiving Printable

  Thanksgiving (in the U.S., not Canada) is right around the corner and although that main focus of the holiday for most people is food, I like to remember that the point of the holiday is to be thankful for the things we have an to give to those who may have less. That mindset is what inspired this ...

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DIY Wedding Day Emergency Kit (With Printable!)

Aside from rainbows and butterflies and horse drawn carriages, wedding days are filled with some things that are less mystical and less fun. Some even have minor (sometimes major) emergencies. Make sure you are the bride that is prepared for that emergency before it happens. Before we get into the fun stuff like ...

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Travel Bucket List Printable!

As the fiance and I reach the final 90 day countdown to trying the knot, it's really gotten me thinking about what will come after the wedding. Of course we plan on having a kid at some point, but I've been thinking more about experiences we'll have together as a couple. Last October, we took an AMAZING trip to Africa ...

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Halloween Printable

Besides my birthday which is also in October, Halloween is my favorite holiday! Every year I throw a huge Halloween party that I start planning at least six months in advance. And I know you guys love Halloween too! So here's a Halloween Printable just for you! Enjoy ...

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