5 Books to Teach Kids About Money

One of the things we try to do as parents is give our children the tools they need to be capable (and hopefully successful) adults. But oftentimes we're operating from our own level of ignorance. We are trying to teach our kids things we never learned and concepts we might not fully understand ourselves! Teaching about ...

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5 Women to Keep You Inspired All Year Long!

If you didn't know, March is Women's History Month and I'm all the way here for it! Celebrating women is what we do here at Creations By Sasha! In fact, the celebration of the power of women was a major driver behind The Queen Collection. I truly believe that women are amazing. Women are capable of amazing things and ...

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The Making of The Queen Collection

Whenever I add new products to the shop, I very rarely have any reasoning behind it. Most of the time I thought it would be a cute design and I like it. But when I started to develop The Queen Collection, I wanted to do something different. If I learned anything during 2020, it's truly the power of women. On The ...

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