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If you’ve been a reader for a while, you already know that I do way too much. Outside of my business, I also have a full-time job, I co-own a business with a friend, I have a podcast, I’m a business operations manager for two other female-owned businesses, and I’m also a wife and a mom. I know…it’s a lot! But I actually run my days pretty smoothly because I keep my calendar and to-do list updated on visible pretty much all day long. I’ve realized that in this season of my life, my productivity comes from organization.

There’s so much I have to do on any given day that it’s important that I keep myself organized so I don’t feel overwhelmed. I pretty much have the same daily routine. It helps me be more efficient and sets the tone for the day. If you’re looking for ways to increase your productivity, here are some quick tips.

🌟Set reasonable goals

There’s nothing that will derail your productivity more quickly than goals that can’t be accomplished in the time you’re giving them. Set reasonable goals and you’ll be more likely to check them off your list.

🌟Make a daily schedule

My schedule looks pretty much the same from day-to-day. I typically get to my computer around 8am and the first thing I do is check my calendar to see what I’ve got going on. From there, I fit it what my goals for the day are. I also make sure to schedule in time for myself. If you looked at my planner right now, you’d see 12:30pm blocked out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. That’s my gym time and that’s MY time. Make sure to put yourself on the schedule. You matter.

🌟Eliminate distractions

I know this can be easier said than done. I’m lucky enough that Stokely goes between his grandmas every day which give me a lot of time to work on what I need to. But I’m notoriously bad at getting lost in my phone. I’ll scroll for days if I could. It’s how I get my news and I play games that give my mind a break. But when I know I need to get something done, a podcast gets put on and the phone gets put to the side so I can focus. Set a timer. Start off with smaller time increments until you can work up to about 20-30 minutes at a time. Then take a break. It’s important to give your mind (and eyes) a rest from the computer screen.

🌟Wake up early (whatever early means for you)

Prior to Covid, I woke up at 5am every day. And I HATED it. Now that’s I’ve been home for almost a year, I get up around 7:30am. This doesn’t give me that “alone” time that most people are aiming for when they tell you to get up early. But what it does give me is time with my family and that’s an important piece of my productivity. In the mornings, I get to wake up when Stokely wakes us up, get him ready for the day, have breakfast with him and the hubs, and have some family time before leaves for the day. This helps me focus when it’s time to work on my things because I don’t feel that guilt from working and not spending time with the family.

🌟Prioritize your tasks

Here’s the most important part about increasing your productivity – you most likely will not get everything done that you’re trying to. Prioritize three tasks that you need/want to get done and three that can wait until tomorrow and then plan out your time for the day. Use this FREE Daily Checklist for Productivity to help you figure out what you want to focus on each day.

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