How to Get Educated During Financial Literacy Awareness Month

Did you know that April is Financial Literacy Awareness Month? I had no idea! I always think of April as “tax” month so I naturally equate it with money. But since April is all about financial literacy awareness, I thought it’d be a great time to look into ways to keep up with my money knowledge. I’m a big proponent of continuous learning. Ever since I was a kid, I’d pick up books on how to manage my money (despite having none of my own). I’d read books on finance, stocks, and entrepreneurship so I could one day know what to do with all the money I was sure I was going to have.

I was fortunate enough to have parents who, despite growing up pretty poor, taught me all they knew about money. My mom would literally sit me down with her checkbook (when those were things you used) and show me the money she made and where it all went. As an only child, my parents made sure that I didn’t believe that I could just have whatever I wanted. They told me about bills and how much things cost and most importantly to pay myself first. They are lessons that I’m so grateful for today as an adult. But I also know that not everyone is as fortunate to get these financial lessons. So here are some ways to get educated during Financial Literacy Awareness Month.

Assess Your Financial Situation

When it comes to having a healthy money mindset, the first thing you should do is figure out where you’re starting from. What are you’re attitudes about money? What are your strengths? What are your areas of improvement? This is a great opportunity, to be honest about your relationship with money. Are you ready to do the work to change your current situation? Managing money responsibility means a lot of patience. Make sure you’re ready for that commitment.

Attend a Workshop

One of the best ways to learn more about money is to listen to the experts! In most community colleges, you can find a money management class. There are also tons of financial planners that host free workshops to give you the basics of money management. Looking for one to attend? Join me and my Swirl and Sip Podcast cohost at our April workshop where will be talking about “Creating Achievable Financial Goals” with Tiffany Burns of The Lotus Legacy!

Follow Your Money

For most people, being financially savvy isn’t dependent on how much they earn, but on how much they spend. To help you find out where your money is going, start a family budget and track where you have money coming in and out.

Find a Financial Organization to Support

If you’re already good with managing money, consider giving back to organizations that help the younger generation learn good money management skills. There are some amazing organizations out there that are doing the work to grow financial literacy in kids and teens. If you’re looking for an organization to support, consider buying from the shop! For the month of April, 15% of all sales will be donated to Invest In Girls, an organization that is on a mission to usher in the first generation of financially literate girls and increase the number of women working in finance. Through role models, industry trips, and workshops they deliver a blended approach to personal finance and careers in finance. 

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