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If #TheRona has taught us anything, it’s definitely that we need our friends. My wine night girls are more like family to me than friends and I’ve come to realize that they each play very important roles in my life. There’s something to the saying “mind the company you keep”. Your friends can play a huge role in uplifting you or even holding you back. Here are five friends you need in your circle to help you grow into your best self.

The Lane Runner

Also known as the co-striver, this person is running the same race you are and faces some of the same challenges. They may be working towards a similar goal like buying a home or getting out of debt and can relate to where you are. Why do you need this friend? They are they perfect person to vent to (and vice versa) and your shared experiences will bring you closer!

The Real One

Sometimes we hate our friend that doesn’t sugar coat their thoughts. But being brutally honest is an underrated trait. This is the friend that is most likely to hold you accountable. Hate your job? They’ll tell you to get your shit together and get a new one (and will send you those job postings to help). They may seem a little rough around the edges but you know that everything they say is with love.

The Therapist

This is that friend you always turn to when life gets hard or to share your greatest moments. They know when to give advice or when to just let you cry. Be careful not to put to much emotionally on this friend as they tend to be the type to carry others feelings with them. And most importantly, try to be their therapist as well. We all need a shoulder sometimes.

The Adventurous One

We should all want a friend that likes to push the envelope. This is that friend that will nudge you out of accepting the status quo. They’ll introduce you to new ideas, activities, or ways of thinking that you might normally not be exposed to or be wary of. This friend will help you experience things you might normally never do and make you realize that you are more capable of things than you think you are.

The No Judgement Zone

This friend truly accepts you as you are. They know your faults and bad habits and still love you anyway. With them, you’ll have a sense of belonging. You know that you can be your true self and they’re perfectly okay with that. Even when you make bad decisions, they won’t make it a big deal and will help you work it out when you’re ready.

Our friend circle helps us grow (or holds us back). It’s so important that when we pick people to be in our lives, we are choosing the ones that can grow with us.

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