5 Do’s and Don’ts of Family Vacays – Making Family Travel Fun

5 Do's and Don'ts of Family Vacays - Making Family Travel Fun - Father & Son Fishing - www.creationsbysasha.com

The #rona has surely messed up a lot of families summer travel plans, but there’s still a way to travel safely and have fun. I know for our family, we’ll generally be sticking close to home (pretty much avoiding the southern and western parts of the country) and staying around family and friends we’ve already been around. When we do venture around other people, we definitely don our masks and try to limit our exposure. Even though there are heightened risks around summer travel fun, there’s ways to make it work for everyone.

DO be flexible

Covid-19 threw everyone’s plans out the window! So being flexible with what a vacation looks like now is key. Think about outdoor adventures closer to home that can be booked over a long weekend (or even during the week now that we’re all home). Don’t be upset that your original trip didn’t go as planned. You may end up finding a hidden gem now that your options have changed.

DO plan on going slower

Since #therona has us all being overly cautious, plan for less activities and more time lounging. If you’re used to not having the kiddos with you, remember that they will definitely get tired if a lot of activities are planned. Plan in a mid-afternoon break to give the family time to refresh and recharge.

DON’T expect the kids to be happy all day

Just like I mentioned above, kids tend to need more breaks than we do. If you notice them getting cranky, it’s the perfect time for a break. Naps work wonders (for us adults included!). Take advantage of downtime by catching up on that book you’ve been meaning to read or the next episode of The Swirl and Sip Podcast!

DON’T post every pic on Instagram

I’m a FIRM believer in experiencing life as it happens and not through the lens of a camera. Live in the moment, not on your social media. Of course take photos of all the amazing memories you’re creating but you don’t have to share them all! Try limiting your time to after the kids have gone to bed or just once per day.

DO make time for “Me” time

Sometimes family vacays don’t really feel like vacations. One way to help with that is by taking some dedicated “me” time. If you’re traveling with another adult, take turns taking breaks! If you’re lucky enough to be traveling with grandparents, you may even be able to have a kid-free date night!

As we all get use to this new normal, traveling and vacations in general will look different. Find activities that are comfortable for you and your family to partake in. And please for all that is holy, wear a mask!

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