How to Keep a Healthy Relationship with Social Media as an Entrepreneur

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Social media has become so big in the business industry that it’s a business in and of itself. Companies advertise and market through Facebook and Instagram like never before reaching thousands of people smack dab in the middle of their ideal demographic. While the idea of social media and building a solid aesthetic to attract clients is exciting, it is also pretty exhausting. It is almost impossible to run a well known business without having some sort of social media, but you don’t want to get sucked into the social media obsession that leaves you mentally and emotionally exhausted. Here are a few tips to help build a healthy relationship with social media without having to give it up altogether.

Don’t be afraid to unfollow

Instagram is a constant act of following/unfollowing on a daily basis. There are millions of great accounts out there, don’t feel pressured to follow ones that bring you down or make you feel dissatisfied with your life. I purposefully DON’T follow a lot of accounts because I want to see things on my feed that bring me joy and that I’m truly interested in. And I don’t follow accounts just because they follow me. Don’t be tied to the numbers game of a high follower count. It’s okay to follow only those things you want to see!

Limit your use

Mindless scrolling is so common and so bad for you in more ways than one. and it’s something that I struggle with on a daily basis. When it comes to business, social media should be used as a tool, not for hours of entertainment. Have fun with your account and interacting with others, but set a time limit so that you don’t find yourself 15 accounts deep stalking your ex’s sister-in-law’s dog. We’re all guilty of it, but it’s a pretty bad habit. Instagram has also developed a tool in the app’s settings that will set a time limit for you and alert you after you reach it.

Remember the purpose

As I mentioned above, social media is first and foremost a tool for business owners. It’s fun to create and explore, but don’t forget its main purpose. It is also good to create some social media goals to keep in mind as you use the app. If you want to use it to build a personality and promote your business stick to that throughout every post and interaction.

Turn off notifications

This is a necessity for those who struggle with trying to keep track of every little interaction. If you have notifications coming in from several social media apps you are much more likely to spend hours checking your accounts when you would not have even been thinking of them in the first place. Turn off all alerts and notifications for you accounts and just remember to check them periodically throughout the day.

Create ‘quiet hours’

By quiet hours I mean have certain times a day when you know you are not going to be checking your phone. Whether that be early in the morning and 2 hours before you go to bed, maybe both, just be sure to take some time to yourself. I don’t do any social media after 9pm and don’t post on the weekends. I’ve created that boundary where weekends are for my family and evenings are for winding down away from my phone.

Unplugging from technology for a few hours is so healthy for you mentally, physically and emotionally that you will feel much more refreshed with just a little time off. If you need to always have your phone on you, just do this with social media and you will definitely see a difference in your approach to it.

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