How to Throw a 4th of July Party for the Entire Family

4th of july party ideas - food table, cornhole, donuts, tic tac toe -

Forth of July calls for the best backyard barbecues, games, parades and all the red white and blue. Here are a few ideas of how to throw your own outdoor party for the entire family:

Cornhole Tournament

Nothing says 4th of July backyard barbecue quite like a game of cornhole. If you don’t already have an outdoor set, you can buy one fairly cheaply online. The best part about this is that it’s a fun way to get the whole family involved. Create a scorecard on poster board if you have a bigger group of people and create a bracket for the competition!

Hotdog eating contest

If you are a family of small children, this will be over quickly, however if you have several big eaters in the house or growing boys this will be hilarious for the whole family to witness. Cook up a bunch of hotdogs prior to dinner and host your own hotdog eating competition. Have a small prize to give the winner to get the contestants motivated. 

Neighborhood 4th of July parade

Most neighborhoods host their own 4th of July parade. If you can get involved, get your bikes together and decorate them with red and blue streamers and ride along with the parade! If your neighborhood doesn’t allow others to join, or if you don’t live in a neighborhood that hosts their own you can be creative with it and go watch one or create your own and even get the neighbors involved!  

Tic tac toe in the lawn 

A mega game of tic tac toe is perfect for the entire family to get competitive and have fun together. This is so easy to create and all you need is some cardboard to cut out multiple Xs and Os. You can use this to keep the kids busy while you finish dinner or you can combine it with several other outdoor games, such as cornhole, and have an outdoor game night.

Fireworks show!

This is a given, but having your own fireworks show is so much fun if you either don’t have access to another one or just want to have your own. Be sure to get the fun sparklers and smaller fireworks in addition to the bigger ones as those are fun for everyone. They also make for great picture opportunities as well so be sure to take advantage of that! 

Bake off

There are so many fun ideas on Pinterest for 4th of July style baked goods. If you have a family that likes to cook together, tell everyone to pick a recipe and get all the ingredients for a bake off competition. Save the judging for the party and display all the colorful creations to let the guests decide who wins. Bonus: you’ll the baking done for the party! 

Happy Independence Day! Hope you enjoy this holiday with friends and family.

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