Creative Ways to Save Money for (or during) Your Wedding

It’s no secret that weddings are extraordinarily expensive. There are so many little details in addition to the major purchases such as the venue and dress that some people start saving for their big day before they are even dating somebody. While it’s hard to get around the expense of it, here are a few tips to save as much money as you can.

Lay it all out ahead of time

Before you start any of the planning, set your budget. Go in and pull all the major expenses, give yourself a limit and then try to give yourself a little wiggle room just in case you run into any issues. If you map it all out ahead of time it will also give you some direction and narrow down your options a little bit by eliminating services and venues that you know are way out of your budget. 

Plan your day wisely

For some reason everyone loves to get married at the same time. The wedding world takes advantage of this with companies jacking up their prices during the spring and summer. If you can, try to get married right before or after peak season. You will get the same services for much cheaper. If you don’t have a choice but to get married during this time, don’t worry about it, just try to book way in advance. 

Book a venue that doesn’t require you use their vendors

Paying for the venue alone is expensive, but a lot of the money that venues make is from their own catering and bar services. If you can book your own services you can get them for so much cheaper than having to use the venues. Some people have claimed that this tactic alone saved them close to $7,000! 

Fake a cake

Wedding cakes are expensive. Trying to buy a massive tiered cake to feed an entire room of guests can be out of reach for some couples. A new trend is to have the bottom tier real for cutting and pictures, but make the rest of the layers fake and serve the guests a practical and just as delicious sheet cake. Most people probably won’t even notice and those that do will probably applaud your idea.

Use more greenery

Not only is this cheaper it’s also trending. Instead of dropping a solid portion of your budget on massive bouquets, invest in a lot of greenery and just add pops of color with the flowers. Some areas you probably won’t even need flowers, just throw some garland around different places and you will be surprised and how nicely it all falls together. 

Get smart about your stationery 

Semi-custom stationery is a great way to have a stylized feel to your wedding day paper without having to take a big chunk out of your wedding day budget. Through the Creations by Sasha semi-custom collection you can select your favorite design, add in your wording and mark that major planning item off of your to-do list. We even offer day-of stationery packages to help bundle together items even more! Check it all out here! 

These are just a few simple ways to save those budget dollars without sacrificing your dream day look and feel! Happy planning!

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Hi! I’m Sasha – the boss lady behind Creations By Sasha. I love making weddings and social events unique. My passion is design. I love working with all of my clients to create something that speaks to what makes them special!

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