How To Have Fun with a Unique Theme

How to Have Fun With A Unique Theme -

I don’t know about you, but I always love to throw a good party. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just something fun to do with the girls. Another one of my favorite things is to add a unique theme to the event to set it apart and make it feel special. It also helps me decide what I want to do with decorations and food.

Here are a few unique ideas for themes that will make you want to start putting together your guest list:

Pajama Brunch Party

Ladies. Love. Brunch. It is a proven fact. It’s delicious, the perfect time of day, and basically an excuse to eat waffles for lunch. Now this idea in and of itself is not all that unique, but if you throw in pajamas and the soft, chill atmosphere of being at someone’s home then you have yourself a cute and fun idea for your next get together. Think of all the cute pictures in your morning-lit kitchen complete with a coffee bar and beautiful array of fresh fruit and pancake toppings. This is basically the sleepover we all wish we had in middle school.

Backyard Circus
Creating a Magical 1st Birthday Party - The Carnival Theme

This theme is for the kids that love adventure and the mom who wants the perfect outdoor setup to keep kids busy, but also have the cutest picture opportunities. These theme is fairly easy to pull off detail wise. You can get some cute red tablecloths and make some cut out banners with balloons. Get creative with the food and display! The kid-friendly outdoor games are also a real seller with ring toss, water guns, and an arts and crafts section.

Mexican Fiesta

This is a cute idea for both kids and adults. It is hard to beat some good chips and queso along all the bright colorful decorations. You can also put together a taco bar or a quesadilla station instead of worrying about having to put everything together yourself. The winning aspect of this idea is the decorations. All the bright colors and flowers make it perfectly picturesque with minimal effort. But a very careful word to the wise – please remember that “Mexican” isn’t something to make fun of. It’s a culture so don’t appropriate or do anything that may seem offensive to actual Mexican people. That means no ponchos, sombreros, or fake mustaches!

Sophisticated Disney Theme
Photo via Party Delights

Think of this theme like one of the remakes of the classic Disney movies, but party edition. Stay away from the plastic cups and plates and steer more towards the classy sophisticated decorations that make it almost look like you’re stepping into the movie itself. This works great for the classics such as Alice in Wonderland and Beauty and the Beast.

Swing Dancing Party

Once again, this party idea is great for all ages but can be modified to fit kids or adults. If you know of a good barn venue or have a big backyard, set up some string lights, turn on some country music, put on your boots and throw a Southern themed swing dancing party. Stock up on old fashioned Coke, cook up some southern style food, and build the perfect s’more making bonfire to really magnify this theme.

Fishing Party

I did a fishing party for my son’s 1st birthday because the hubs likes to fish and I thought it would be so much fun to do a theme that I’ve never seen before and I wanted something fun. This theme is great for both young and old fishing lovers! Use fishing items you already have as decor like lanterns, nets, and fishing poles. Desserts are easy with gummy worms as “bait” for your guests. Red and white bobbles are also a great way to invoke the fishing theme and some stores even sell them as string lights. Because I’m a big promoter of all the folks who help me throw awesome parties, check out the vendors from my son’s 1st birthday at the end of this post.

Fondue Party

This theme is for the classy and sophisticated foodies. Basically package up The Melting Pot and place it up in your kitchen with some classic music and all your best friends. This can get a little pricey if you don’t already have some sort of fondue pot laying around your house, but there are ways to get around that such as renting the equipment needed! The main thing with this theme is not the decorations but focuses on the quality and quantity of the food. It might also be fun to add other activities to the night and make it more your own!


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