How to Tackle Your To-Dos

How to Tackle Your To-Dos -

Being a successful entrepreneur is an amazing accomplishment and so much fun, but can also be challenging and time-consuming. Your daily tasks can slowly rack up to extensive lists that have the potential to be slightly overwhelming, even if you are the organized type. Here are a few tips that help me tackle my extensive to-do list without becoming overwhelmed and staying stress free.

Make a detailed list

No matter how many times you tell yourself that you are going to remember to do something, there is always a good chance that you will forget. Especially if you have a lot on your plate already. Keeping a very detailed to-do list will make it easier and less stressful to sit down and get tasks done without worrying about forgetting something.

Cross off that list

After completing a task make sure to cross it off your list. This sense of accomplishment that comes with a check mark is extremely satisfying, and getting things off your list can help keep you motivated to continue working.

Get in a ‘work’ environment

This is mostly for all those working from home, but when it comes time to get things done, find yourself a designated work spot so that you do not get distracted by other things to do around the house. For days that I want to get a little work done outside of the house I try to visit a local coffee shop or places with similar environments. This consistency of a work space will train your brain and body to get into “work mode” whenever you need to be.

Clear your workspace

There is something about sitting down at a clean and organized desk that makes you just want to start working, even if there is nothing to work on. This environment can also help keep you from getting distracted by something laying around or stressed by the mess that you are attempting to work in. A clean work environment can work wonders for keeping a positive mental attitude and taking advantage of a busy schedule.

Set a timer

Set a timer to help you set a goal to work for a specific amount of time. This will keep you motivated to keep going and focused so that you don’t waste that precious time. Give yourself a reasonable amount of work time and set all other distractions aside until that given amount of time is up. Sometimes you’ll find that you don’t even want to stop when the timer is up!

Prioritize your tasks

Take your already well planned out to-do list and organize everything from most important to least important. Tackling the bigger things first can help relieve some of the stress and keep you more motivated to make it to the smaller things. Nobody likes to work on one thing with the thought of a pressing due date looming overhead for something different.

Change your mindset

Instead of looking at a massive list of things you have to do, think about how you are going to tackle each one. Instead of seeing your list as something to take time stressing about you will begin to view each task as something that you can conquer, altering your entire work day.

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