Planning a Halloween Party

Planning a Halloween Party -

It’s that time of year where the leaves start changing, the air gets crisp and the spooky part of the season settles in – Halloween! Whether you are just going door to door with your family, or planning a party with your friends, there is something in store for you this holiday. I’ve got the tips, tricks, and treats (see what I did there?) that will get your Halloween party ready!

Selecting a Theme

Wearing a costume for a Halloween party may be a given, but try switching it up your soiree with a theme! When I was throwing my Halloween shindigs, the hubs always said that Halloween WAS the theme. But boy was he mistaken. There are so many way to have a good theme for Halloween. Host a Celebrity Couples, Disney characters or a ‘punny’ costumes party. Get creative with it! Make your event stand out from the rest and get your friends to think of something outside of the box for their costume. A prize for the best outfit is also a good incentive and can encourage some friendly competition.

Here are a few more themes to get you thinking!

  • Under the Sea – from mermaids to fish, let your guest pick their favorite sea-creature
  • Make it Musical – dress up as your favorite musicians, rock stars, hip-hop artists, etc.  
  • Get Wild – get crazy with wild animal costumes
  • Dream Job – have your guests dress up as a different career/job

Choosing the Food

Do you plan on feeding your guests dinner? Or do you want to keep it light with snacks? Candy must be a given, of course. Depending on how many guests you have invited, that can help determine your options between dinner and snacks. For a large crowd, sticking to snacks can be best for your budget. If you are keeping the gathering more intimate, dinner can be a great addition to the night’s events.

Planning Games and Activities

Depending on how long you want to host your party, the games and activities you plan can direct the length of the event! If you want your party to be more of a come and go as you please type of thing, simple games or just music/dancing might be your thing. If you want your party to be a longer affair, you can keep the night going with team games like charades or my personal favorite, Fishbowl (check out the instructions on how to play here).

Picking a Winner

For your costume party, you have to make sure to pick a ‘best costume’ winner! You can get a Polaroid camera and take a photo of each costume and post on the wall or a bulletin board for guests to check out and cast their votes. Or it’s your party! You pick the winner! If you are hosting a couples’ costume party, a date night gift card is a perfect prize! You can also have first, second and third place winners with various prizes like candy, gift cards or just trophies! Have fun with it!

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