Being a mom + an entrepreneur

Being a mom + an entrepreneur -

Hustlin’ Momma

As a hustlin’ momma, life is anything but boring. The hubs and I are lucky enough to not have to send the little one to daycare. He alternates between my mom and mother-in-law. So on Monday nights (I work from home or am off on Mondays), I pack his bag if he’ll be leaving the house. I try to get my own things together too since I normally don’t have much time to spare in the mornings. If I’m lucky, that means packing a lunch or picking out what I’ll be wearing although neither happen often. I’m up before the sun is during the week so in the mornings I pretty much rush to get dressed and get myself put together while trying to be as quiet as possible to not wake the hubs and the little one. After all of that is handled I head to the train station to hopefully make it to my day job on time.

My day job consists of a few emails here and there, while meetings fill up my calendar and deadlines dictate most of my day. I have really good coworkers and have been doing my job for years so for the most part, many days run pretty smoothly. I make it out on time to head back home most days of the week. Once I get off the train, it’s full-on “mommy mode”. I pick up the little one from my in-laws or my mom will drop him off and then it’s pretty much dinner, bath time, and bedtime for him. We’re really lucky the he can essentially put himself to sleep and once he’s down, he’s good for the night. After I get him to bed, I have a little down time for myself to focus on my own dinner and get some business work done while binge watching Netflix. 

My business dreams

While my day job pays the bills and gives my family and stability, what really fires me up is my business, Creations by Sasha. I find that during the slower parts of the day, my thoughts can wonder a bit, dreaming up my next big business move or product launch. It is my biggest passion, besides being the best momma and wife I can be. My business allows me to work with wonderful vendors, couples and more. It keeps my schedule interesting and certainly busy. 

Like I mentioned before, I get most of my business work done after the little one has gone to bed or in spurts during the weekend. It can be hard at times to balance it all, especially during busy wedding season but I have an amazing husband who admittedly is much more better at “domestic” duties than I am. He’ll handle dishes and bedtime when he’s not at work and most of the time is good about cooking dinner. We do grocery shopping together so I’m not struggling going up and down aisles with a baby and he’ll do laundry if I don’t have time to get to it. We do the best we can to divy up the duties so one person isn’t carrying the weight of it all alone.

Keeping it all together

Late nights involve keeping up with a different set of emails, deadlines and duties – all related to my business. While Creations by Sasha is technically a side hustle, my schedule for my business is more like a full-time job. I wouldn’t try to do it all if I didn’t completely love it. My love for my business drives me to keep going for sure. I also do what I do for my family. When the little one was born, priorities shifted a little here and there, but my main goal stayed the same. I always want to set an example for my son to work hard and do your best. While family must always stay first, my entrepreneurial spirit will always be a part of who I am and what I do!

Some quick tips to help you balance it all

  • Get it down in a schedule: If you are old school with paper and pen or like having a digital planner, keep it all in one place. This will help keep things in check and on time!
  • Divide and conquer: Talk things over with your spouse and figure out which tasks you can tackle together or divide up throughout the day. Share the load.
  • Make time for what matters most: Each day should have snuggle time with your kiddo, quality time with your spouse and some me-time. How long you spend on each item is up to you, but try to get those bases covered.

Hope my story and tips help you. At the end of the day, it is discovering what matters most to you and sticking to those personal values!

About Sasha

Hi! I’m Sasha – the boss lady behind Creations By Sasha. I love making weddings and social events unique. My passion is design. I love working with all of my clients to create something that speaks to what makes them special!

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