Planning the Perfect Mother’s Day Tea Party

Planning the Perfect Mother's Day Tea Party -

May 14th marks one of the most loving and beautiful times of the year: Mother’s Day! Although celebrating our mother’s relationship shouldn’t be confined to only one day out of the whole year, Mother’s Day is a special way to demonstrate your love and value your relationship.

Tea Parties are sweet, feminine events that go far back into history, particularly the charming Victorian Era.  Create a unique and intimate mother-daughter tea party for your mother and the other special women in your life.  Invite your girlfriends and their mothers along as well to share in this special occasion. With some basic planning and a little creativity, you can easily create a charming, mother-daughter event that will no doubt become a yearly tradition.


Tea parties have a sweet and feminine atmosphere.  Choose invitations and stationary styles that reflect this charming vibe.  Pastels, flowers, and other gentle styles are perfect choices.  For a unique invitation style, design a teapot inspired card or invitation.

As a more original party invitation, consider personalizing a plain tea bag with a cute paper label with your party’s information.  Finding nothing more than a unique teabag in an envelope definitely piques your guests’ interest!  Tea bag invitations are by far one of the most original and memorable types of party invitations. This tea bag surprise gives your guests a sneak peek at the fun you have in store.

Picking Your Tea

Not everyone one enjoys every type of tea.  To create a tea party that everyone will love, take some time to find just the right tea variety.  Include several different flavors to ensure that everyone has a drink they love. For a more creative spin on traditional tea bags, consider these fun and eye-catching choices.

  • Blooming Flower Tea

This ancient tea variety is thought to have originated in China’s early years as a type of herbal medicine.  Blooming flower teas give your party a unique charm that basic tea bags simply don’t offer. When placed in hot water, the dried flower bundles unfold into full, lush flowers, each pretty enough to plant in a garden. With a variety of flavors such as jasmine, marigold, and green tea, everyone will find a favorite.  Use a transparent glass tea cup to give your guests a full view of their flowers.

  • Goldfish Tea Bags

For a quirky and creative twist, try one of these cute little goldfish tea bags. They’ll definitely make your guests stop and stare in amazement at the tiny creature enjoying a swim in their cup.  These funny bags first originated in Taiwan from a specialty company called Charm Villa.  Even with language barriers, these tea bags have quickly gained popularity as a world-wide favorite.

  • Ice Tea Flower Cubes

If you and your guests aren’t fans of traditional hot tea, opt in for iced tea or sweet tea instead, particularly if the weather is warm and pleasant.  Give your basic iced tea recipes a fun and pretty twist by preparing flavored ice cubes. Use sweet tea or lemonade as a base and add berries, mint sprigs, or lemon chunks.  Freeze your cubes and place them in your tea as an easy and tasty decoration. For an even prettier design, use fresh flowers in your ice cubes. Be sure to use only edible varieties, though!

  • Coffee Tea Hybrid

The war between coffee drinkers and tea drinkers shows no sign of ending.  Please all of your guests–including the coffee fans–with a simple tea and coffee hybrid recipe such as the Peppermint Mocha Matcha Latte. Combine the delicate sweetness of green tea and peppermint with the rich coffee flavor of a latte.

  • DIY Tea Blends

As a fun party activity, set out supplies and ingredients for your guests to create their own tea bag and flavor. DIY tea bags are very easy to create.  Basic paper coffee filters and loose leaf tea mixtures are the main ingredients for this fun party activity. Set out several tea blends mixtures to ensure everyone can pick their favorite flavor.


  • Color Palettes and Motifs

Tea parties have many flexible styles and color choices.  Traditional Victorian styles use gentle pastels and flowery patterns for decorations.  Dress your table with fresh cut flowers and vintage tea pots and cups. Lace and ribbons are perfect accents for your decoration schemes.

For a quirky atmosphere, an Alice and Wonderland Mad Hatter tea party is a fun, memorable choice.  Subtle decorations and creative flairs make decorations full of fun surprises for your guests.  This tea party often evolves into a costume party if you instruct your guests to come dressed in their favorite vintage hats.

  • Centerpieces

Tea party centerpieces are fun and easy to design with minimal supplies or stress.  For a traditional tea party style, use vintage tea pots as makeshift vases for fresh-cut flower bouquets.  Accessorize with ribbon or lace on the handles.

If using blooming flower teas, create a matching centerpiece by filling a large glass vase or mason jar with hot water and several tea flowers.  Dress up the beautiful minimalism with a simple bow around the middle of the jar or a colorful table runner underneath.

  • Place-settings

Vintage tea cups are easy ways to inspire personalized place-settings.  Personalize tea bags with each name and rest the bags inside each cup. Because tea parties traditionally use very light menus, simplify your cutlery and plate-wear with smaller dessert plates and forks.

  • Menu Planning

If holding your tea party during the early afternoon or morning, plan for lighter meals with plenty of easy finger foods and simple brunch desserts.  Quiches, tarts, and cookies are all easy tea party options that satisfy guests.  For a fuller meal, offer several types of small finger sandwiches or deli wraps.  These light meal options compliment your tea choices without overwhelming your guests.

Mother’s Day should be a happy, loving day.  The vintage charm and feminine atmosphere of a mother-daughter tea party is a great way to reminiscent over sweet memories and catch up on the current events in our life.  Include other important women in your life and reach out to those who may not have a mother figure.  Tea parties are subtle and unobtrusive celebrations everyone can appreciate.  Start planning for May 14th today!

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