Crafting With Penny Magic

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What do you do when you wake up in the morning feeling like a fairy godmother? Crafting!

Crafting is magical, indeed. Anyone– even you– can take just about anything, even cast offs and scraps, and turn them into fabulous treasures. Most crafters don’t have a sparkling, glittery, fairy godmother wand to do what they do. But with a little patience, a little effort and… yes of course a little cooperation among those magically crafty fingers of yours, you can turn something, into something else…. just like a fairy godmother.

And now, how about crafting a little penny magic!

Crafting Penny Magic 

Do you believe in all things magical? You know… fairies, good witches and Pinterest? If you do, you’ll have no problem finding inspiration and instructions to help you make wonderful, exotic and even ordinary penny crafts. They are a fabulous example of making something wonderful out of something that’s actually pretty boring.

Penny BacksplashPenny Magic at Home

You’ll need pennies, but you probably have a jar full of them someplace. Then find something you want to transform: a table, a kitchen counter or a big round garden globe. Line your pennies up neatly. (not on the globe, they’ll fall off.) Glue them down with a magical multiple-duty glue like E600, and voila! You’ve got a home accent worthy of a queen.

Twiddle your fingers. Twitch your nose– a-la Tabitha– and call up a can of tile adhesive. You can work your line-’em-up-glue-’em-down penny magic on a floor. Of course a project like this calls for a lot more work than magic, but you’ll love the results.

il_fullxfull.464892403_r33bWearable Pennies

While you’re calling up some Pinterest magic, think penny jewelry. You’ll also need a manual metal hole punch, a truly magical device. If you’re really into the fantasy of it, simply make a few grand gestures. Swirl your hands this way and that, and a manual metal hole punch might just appear!

If that doesn’t work, order a manual metal punch from a major jewelry supply site, or buy one at the magical shop where fairy godmothers love to wander the aisles… your local craft supply store.

Gather up your pennies and punch holes in them. Add a single hole to make a dangly charm for a keychain, a pendant, a bracelet, or any other jewelry creation. Add ear wires and turn a pair of one-hole pennies into simple earrings.

Turn pennies into a bracelet. Add two holes at the opposite edges of eight pennies. Connect them with wire figure 8s or jump rings. Add a clasp and bibbity-bobbity-boo! You’ve got a penny bracelet.

Add four holes to a penny and you’ve magically transformed those pennies into…. buttons, ta-da!

Smooth Away the Rough Spots

If the holes you punch into your pennies turn out a little rough, smooth the roughness away. It’s not exactly a big magical finish, but it can be necessary. The quickest, easiest way to do it is with a padded emery file, the kind you get at a beauty supply house… yes another enchanted place. You could buy sandpaper or a file from a hardware store, but where’s the magic in that?

The next time you wake up feeling like a fairy godmother, try your hand at crafting a little penny magic. These projects are only a few samples of the grand transformations you can perform with those skillfully crafty fingers of yours. Once you get the feel of it, you’ll be able to transform a jar of old pennies into whatever crafting magic drifts into your head while you’re fast asleep.

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