Let’s Talk Color – June

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Paradise Blue

I am so excited about this month’s color. The gurus at HGTV really hit it out of the park with this one! As you may or may not know, blue is my favorite color. I love always any shade of blue, but this is one of my favs. I love this color so much, I painted one of the walls in my recently finished basement this color. What’s this month color exactly, you’re asking – PARADISE BLUE! The name just says it all right – paradise. Think that Caribbean blue color that you see when relaxing on the beach. This is the perfect summer color.

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Digs

Photo Credit: The Sweetest Digs

I actually used this color recently along with April’s color, raspberry, in a recent event I styled. If you haven’t guessed raspberry and paradise blue go great together for a little girls room. In fact, the event I did was for a five year old birthday party. If you want to add a little sophistication to this color combo, then consider using white as the main color and adding paradise blue and raspberry in the accents, such as in pillows and accent pieces. This color also works well with May’s color, whisper gray. Like we talked about last month, whisper grey goes well with any shade of blue. When paired with paradise room, you’ll still get that nice soothing room with a little bit of pop.

Photo Credit: Janneale's Home

Photo Credit: Janneale’s Home

Want to create a room that has a cool Moroccan feel to it? Pair our color of the year with this month’s color. This shade of blue and emerald go great together. Not so much into Moroccan decor? That’s not even a problem with these two colors. Pick the right accents and you’ll get a nice beach-y feel out of the room. Think of also pairing this combo with a solid neutral – white or beige will work well depending on the look you’re going for.



Photo Credit: Pop Social

Photo Credit: Pop Social

Something that I’m doing in my own home is pairing this blue with another color from a past month – orange! I love the look that these too colors create, it’s a very Caribbean island, tropical vacation type feel. Since I’ve used paradise blue on my wall (only on an accent wall – the other walls are brown), I’m using orange as the accent color. I’m even throwing in some yellow to get really topical. I haven’t purchased many pieces yet, but the plan is to purchase an orange rug, some throw pillows (along with yellow ones) and some orange accent pieces for my bookcase. You may have also noticed that this color combo is HUGE in weddings now-a-days. If you’re getting married and aiming to have the beach feel without actually being near the beach – use this color combo.

Do you use this color in you’re home? Let me know how! I love learning how others decorate with color. If you need more inspiration, visit my Color of the Month Inspiration board on Pinterest for more ideas.

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