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The design gurus over at HGTV have cast all their ballots for color of the month and the results are in! GOLD is all the rage for January. Now I must admit, I’ve never even considered using gold in any of my decor. In the past, I’ve viewed it as more of a holiday color – something you decorate with for a New Year’s Eve party or as an accent on the Christmas tree. But why shouldn’t gold take the stage for every other day of the year. Gold, in the right amount, can add that little bit of elegance and glamor to your home without coming across as flashy or *gasp* gaudy.


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Gold is typically associated with money. In my opinion, too much gold looks like you’re trying too hard to show off that you have money. Now if that’s your thing, go for it! But even King Midas realized that not everything looks good in gold. Don’t get discouraged though. You can decorate with this beautiful color without coming off too strong.

To avoid looking like Liberace is your designer, think of using gold as either one large accent piece or as small items used sporadically or in a cluster. If you really want to make the gold pop, think of pairing it with other bold colors such as black or even teal or purple (think royalty).

Want it to blend? Consider putting it next to yellows and browns for a more understated look. Gold paired with earthy greens can create a nature inspired look that is both calming and beautiful. If you want to create a more luxurious look, think of using gold and red. If you’ve ever seen an Indian wedding or Moroccan decor, you already know that gold and red make a beautiful color combo that inspire richness. Be careful though or you’ll like you’re celebrating Christmas all year long.

Photo Credit: Spooky Home

Photo Credit: Spooky Home

Photo Credit: Decorista Daydreams

Photo Credit: Decorista Daydreams

Want some more gold color inspiration? Visit my Color of the Month Inspiration board on Pinterest for more ideas on adding gold to your decor.




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  1. Wow… it goes to show you that what’s old comes around again. Gold was huge in the 80s and 90s and then it fell out of favor. Maybe I ought to keep all of those gold old picture frames I’ve got sitting around as they are. I was considering painting them.

    1. Post

      Isn’t that the trend with almost everything!? What was once in style fades but comes back around later in life. Don’t paint those frames just yet!

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